Abyss of ignorance

Ks Er
2 min readJan 28, 2021

“We’re sinking into nothing but we can feel it all the way down”.

The new trend, based on the old one, become really annoying for me. I’m talking about ignorance. And that’s already okay(not), I do adapt for ignorance when I do send a letter a job and have no answer but the new trend of ignorance when people send offers by themselves and disappear — crazy. And unfortunately, I heard this from a lot of my colleagues (any level specialists) I am really confused, maybe someone can explain? Why do people not respect each other?

The spam-offers do not match a position, skills or spam-offers and disappearing after. I’m not saying I’m dying in here waiting. But this new “era” makes me feel sad. This Is not about humanity. I really don’t understand why you offer something and disappear after. Why?) Especially when every second employer cries about BAD designers who disappear with their money or just don’t answer. But what do you do, dear employer?

Employers and hrs like:

— post their amazing job and ask for a lot of things

— ask for respect their rules and their job

— cry how specialist can’t work remote, break deadlines, disappear and take money

What they actually do:

— get offer for they job and doesn’t say even thank you

— doesn’t give any feedback for test

— judge you without any talk remote

— offer by themselves for interview and disappear without ANY message

— DOESN’T respect you space and time

Hiring hrs who spam everyone with copy-paste? And who does not even read profiles? Who does not even answer after THEIR message? Who offers a call/meeting and disappears? Or worse you are this employer who loves ignorance by yourself. I didn’t know to be respectful, need to have or to be something special. I didn’t know I have to deserve the basic respect that actually has to be the default. I can talk about it really long time and I’m not going to talk for everyone who was hurt is not my point, my point is:

If you come to my space please respect it. Please don’t offer me anything if you are not serious and not interested to work with me or to have a good connection(what is a real connection not for quantity), I am not interested to have any “connection for connections” with people who don’t know what does respect means. Start with yourself. Be kind and respect any person around you. Be a human, not an animal, and stop already ignoring and disappearing. Is it not enough s**t in our lives?


P.s. sorry for my english just in case and i wanted to post it just in Ln but there is not enough space so..)